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Aktualisiert am: 31.07.2002 09:32
Heavy-duty hydraulic production band-sawing machine in 2-column-execution, with parallel downfeed system. Torsion-and vibration free construction for economic cutting of solids, tubes and profiles, including difficult to machine steels using bi-metal or carbide-tipped sawblades. The cutting force regulation is depending on force and feed. The material feed is made by hydraulics.

Standard accessories
Roller conveyor, integrated in machine bed, length 1000 mm
Sawblade cleaning brush, driven by separate electric motor
Electric coolant pump, coolant supply two-fold integrated in sawblade guides, plus flexible piping, tank capacity 120 I
1 Bi-Metal sawblade
1 set of operating tools
1 Operating instruction

Electrical equipment
400 V, 50 cycles, 3 phases; other voltages upon request Automatic shut-off in case of:
- End of material
- End of preselected quantity
- Blade breakage
- Blade stop

Electrical equipment according to German VDE standard 0113. Execution of all machines corresponds to the prescriptions for the prevention of accidents of the German machine tool builder's association and machine protection law.

Special features
- PLC-control for all electric and hydraulic functions
- Floating square frame feeding vice. The heavy feed carriage slides on hardened and ground rails
- Automatic guide arm adjustment, synchronously to material diameter
- The sawframe is executed in steel construction and runs synchronously in 2 hardened and ground guide columns. It is tilted by approx. 2 for easy penetration of sawblade and less burr at end of cut when cutting squares, profiles and bundles
- Machine base in heavy-duty steel construction to accept the cast-iron machine bed with the clamping vices
- Material clamping: Hydraulic, via long-stroke cylinder, self-adjustment to the material dimensions. Clamping pressure infinitely variable. The front pair of clamping jaws clamps the material in front of and behind the cut. Both pairs of clamping vices are equipped with hardened and ground inserts. Remnant piece length approx. 75 mm
- Sawband guiding system: Combined thrust and roller saw guides with carbide-tipped guide inserts, clamped with zero movement
- Sawband tension hydraulically, with machine stop and 'no-start' in case of blade breakage.
- Saw feed hydraulically, with automatic cutting pressure regulation and sawblade overload protection, simple adjustment by pressure gauge
- Hydraulic power pack for all functions, such as material clamping, sawblade tension, material feed and saw feed. Tank capacity 25 I