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RSA reached its goals set for 2007:

Aktualisiert am: 10.03.2008 15:36

Group turnover and market shares for sawing centers increased

Thanks to a turnover of more than 21m in 2007, RSA is looking back contentedly on the past fiscal year. According to the company, the high goals it set itself with regard to turnover and share of the market were reached,

The sales of sawing centers, especially in the tube processing branch with the focus on preparation was characterized by considerable increases in value in this area the sales figures could be quadrupled. Also on the market sectors of the automotive supply industry and the tube production, the com-pany notices an increase of sales above-average which is according to Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Schmidt, RSA business manager, due to the consistent develop-ment: In the pre-production of the tube and section processing, the diversity of workpieces has considerably increased last but not least due to new steel grades. As a result, our development of sawing centers is aiming at taking into account the specific workpiece properties, in order to ensure a high level of precision and output as well as to cover a wide spectrum of workpieces. Flexibility and profitability are the keywords for up-to-date sawing centers and the reason for our increased sales.

RSA will invest in research and worldwide service in 2008

RSA has considerably increased once again its research and devel-opment budget for the year 2008. We will considerably advance in the field of rationalization of working processes. The customer will be able to increase the flexibility of its production and lower the piece costs, Rainer Schmidt explains the development goals. RSA will spend additional money on the worldwide service network. This way the specialist in saws wants to consolidate its market position in the global automotive supply industry. It can be clearly de-termined the trend to observe uniform quality standards from any location through a uniform machine equipment. This calls for a worldwide efficient and reliable service of the machine manufacturers.

Tube and section processing branch is well positioned

RSA considers the prospects for the tube processing branch are ab-solutely positive. The profits of the past two years will be invested in order to be able to meet a next economic downturn by an up-to-date production. Ac-cording to RSA, many companies opted for additional processing modules al-ready in the moment of purchasing sawing centers. Many companies are bas-ing their strategy on opening up additional sales potentials by an expansion of their preparation at short notice, in case the production utilization should de-crease. This way, the branch is well positioned.