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RSA presents new saw development at the Tube 2010

RSA presents new saw development at the Tube 2010

With a new product development RSA will present at the Tube in Düsseldorf (from April 12th to 16th, 2010) a simple but effective way how to drastically reduce piece costs in tube processing. The new sawing center RASACUT MXS achieves in triple cut - depending on workpiece dimensions - an output of up to 11,000 pieces per hour. The RASACUT MXS is designed for tube diameters of 8 up to 20 mm for the triple cut and of 6 up to 45 mm for cutting in a single cut.

Characteristic of the RSA sawing centers is the modular configuration. Depending on the actual requirements of the customers, the sawing center can be configured or expanded later by modules for deburring, fixed length measuring as well as for cleaning and stacking, whereas these modules do not reduce the high sawing performance. For this reason the output data are no theoretical values, but correspond to the real production output in the everyday working process.

Optimum interaction of machine and tool

The consistent reduction of ancillary times and the optimum combina-tion of machine and tool technology are the basis for increased productivity. In addition RSA manufacturers in its own saw blade production tooth geometries that perfectly match with the workpiece. Variable cutting speeds and the use of solid-carbide blades mean high cutting performance and long working life of the tools as well as the observation of tightest tolerance limits.

When sawing several tubes at the same time, the careful treatment of the workpiece surfaces represents a further technical challenge. RSA has developed structural solutions that guarantee the required surface quality of vehicle components that may be chromium-plated afterwards - e.g. tubes for headrests.

Further details about the new sawing center RASACUT MXS and background information on how the comprehensive competence of a systems manufacturer helps the users to make their production more efficient will be presented by RSA at its booth (hall 6, stand C42)