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New Development from RSA

Chamfering module bursts right through the 2,000 units an hour ceiling

RSA introduced a new high-performance circular saw called RASACUT XS at the end of 2008. This saw is specially designed for diameters of between 6 and 30 mm and achieves extremely high production levels which can otherwise only be matched by bundle cutting. The product is primarily used in the automobile industry, especially for engine fuel lines.

In addition to this new saw, RSA has now brought a module for the chamfering and facing of tubes in the same diameter range onto the market. Hourly outputs of up to 2,400 units are possible, depending on the range of parts. The guaranteed precision of fixed lengths is +/-0.05 mm.

When used in combination with the RASACUT XS saw, the result is a top-performance saw centre whose high output and high level of automation greatly reduce unit costs. It permits the production of extremely precise fixed lengths at an attractive price. Moreover, the precise and defined edging condition of the tube ends - for example, when forming the ends, flattening down or bending - enable further processing costs to be reduced.