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Linsinger saws for Tube industry

Aktualisiert am: 11.11.2014 12:01

LINSINGER Competence Centers are the leaders in service to the Tube Industry

LINSINGERs secret of the current series of successes worldwide is the increasing emphasis on in-house technology sourcing. Long established in-house Competence Centers for Sawing, Milling and Rail-Milling are providing significant contributions towards LINSINGERs market growth. This concentration of engineering know-how is proving to be the essential foundation for successfully completing large ambitious projects in all regions of the world.

Contrary to the more general trend towards securing profitability by restructuring the workforce and relying on outsourcing, LINSINGER has instead successfully improved its own productivity, quality and completion date reliability by focussing on the competence of its own in-house workforce. We refused to follow the general outsourcing trend in the machine manufacturing industry, but instead have always counted on permanent improvement of our own in-house productivity. This has resulted in technology leadership of our Competence Centers, which we notice is being especially appreciated by our tube industry customers comments Hans Knoll, CEO of LINSINGER in Austria.

The LINSINGER Sawing Competence Center as a showcase.
LINSINGERs purchase of Germanys Wagner Saws (formerly the world largest sawing machine manufacturer) and the resulting know-how was the starting point for development of the Sawing Competence Center. Consequently the companys infrastructure was extended with new production facilities and latest machine tooling. The target was to assemble and test all machines completely at LINSINGER site. In-house engineering, production services, quality assurance and logistics management are all available at LINSINGERs own manufacturing facility. Experienced LINSINGER engineers are permanently on-call worldwide to work together in partnership with global customers to ensure satisfaction and protect investments.

Qualification of in-house engineering teams is tailored to match the requirements of each specific project.

The LINSINGER Tooling Service Package is a major component of the Competence Center. Since this tooling consultation service also originates from LINSINGER, customers are especially appreciating it as a distinguishing advantage beyond other manufacturers.

LINSINGER sets standards.The high level of innovative power and systems competency has resulted from a process of in-house integration and synergy. Combining this with the modular design and interchangeability of components, LINSINGERs customers now enjoy the benefits of higher output, greater reliability, fewer stoppages and significantly improved running costs.

Upswing thanks to close collaboration with LINSINGER Competence Centers

Machines for cutting pipe layers and single pipes
LINSINGERs proven innovations are the first class solution for sawing of continuous casting billets or ingots. Thanks to inherent design geometry, LINSINGER inclined-bed saws offer greater rigidity, more secure clamping and longer tool life compared to vertical and horizontal saws.

Both the LINSINGER Tube Layer Saw type KSA and the pipe cutting machine RTM have been developed taking into account the latest findings of vibration technology and create perfect, burr-free cuts suitable for end-users without the need for additional deburring. The vortex milling process of pipe cutting machine RTM works, for example, with many tool inserts orbiting around the pipe. The number of cutters depends on diameter and wall thickness, resulting in well-manageable short chips practically burr-free cuts.

The machines are designed for heavy-duty 3-shift operation and are characterized by high material throughput and low average cost. LINSINGER supplies complete turn-key equipment concept with all the necessary transport systems, length measurement stops for head, foot and partial cuts, single or in layers. Likewise, turnkey systems including the integration and implementation in existing finishing lines are provided.

Multi-Cut Sawing Machines
The innovative Multi-Cut saw is equipped with up to four axis-controlled sawing stations working independently. Sawing of the tube starts simultaneously at several positions and segments are finally cut along its circumference. Small disposable low cost saw blades with a high number of coated cutting teeth are used for lower saw blade loading and increased tool life. The result is small chips and negligible burr.

Latest market investigations indicate that the Multi-Cut sawing technology clearly differs from other concepts. Through the cut along the circumference the cutting time is kept to an unbeatable minimum. With coated saw blades tough and sensitive material qualities can be cut. Small coated disposable saw blades are cheap with long tool life. Quick tool change; in case one sawing unit is stopped the remaining ones go on working until the scheduled tool change. Due to the independent axis control, square and rectangular tubes can also be cut easily.

All in all LINSINGER supplies the tube industry with all niche products requiring high sawing and milling output coupled with lowest available running cost.

LINSINGER Equipment available for the tube industry

Seamless Tube Mills
LINSINGER saws for cutting steel billets, individual pipes and pipe layers are used, as described above.

Longitudinal Seamless Tube Mills, ERW
The LINSINGER Strip Edge Milling Machines are designed for welding edge preparation with high accuracy by using vertical and cross copying milling units. The cross copying milling unit compensates the strip sabre. This extensively developed and proven milling concept is significant for high cutting performance and minimisation of tool costs. Additionally the milling units can also be applied with profile milling tools.

The acclaimed LINSINGER Tube Cut-Off Machine Multi-Cut is also available for ERW tube lines. As the machine travels with the tube line, its unique quad 4 cutting heads are individually powered and cut tubes from 159mm, or for tube diameters less than 159mm, 2 of the 4 heads are automatically retracted..

Spiral Tube Mills
The same LINSINGER Strip Edge Milling Machine as above is also used in spiral tube mills. Thereby small oversize ensures material savings. The period for amortisation is typically less than a year.

LINSINGER Twin Stage Strip Edge Milling Machines are provided for integration into fast offline spiral tube lines with spot welding. A significant advantage is the stoppage-free strategy, whereby milling can continue uninterrupted with a single stage during automatic tool renewal. The twin stage configuration enables especially fast line speeds and high volume removal rates.

Large Tube Mills
The LINSINGER plate edge milling machine is used for preparation of welding edge profiles and is operated with vertical copying milling units. High cutting performances together with low tool costs are reached.

The LINSINGER Pipe Bevelling Machine enables simultaneous bevelling of both pipe ends. Simultaneous X and Y profiles are machined on both tube ends. The one-man-operation together with long tool life enables the lowest available running cost.