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Largest LINSINGER Circular Saw is a Step towards a New Era

Aktualisiert am: 16.03.2013 14:03
800 mm steel in just four minutes: The circular sawing machine KSA 2200 DPD from LINSINGER Austria opens up new dimensions in cutting steel billets. The first machine of its type has been supplied to South Korea by the Austrian technology expert.

The latest milestone in sawing technology measures 2.3 metres: This is the diameter of the KSA 2200 DPD saw blade, which is probably the largest constructed carbide vertical circular sawing machine for steel billets. Revolutionary innovations make it possible for the first time to combine the huge performance capacity of a machine of this size with unbeatable efficiency. "We are therefore now preparing to conquer a market segment that was previously reserved for band saws", explains LINSINGER CEO, Hans Knoll.

World innovation DPD revolutionises the drive
Of the number of technical innovations LINSINGER has incorporated in this high performance saw, a particular one stands out: Double Power Drive (DPD) is a completely new gear concept with two drive trains that has been fully developed in the LINSINGER saw competency centre in Steyrermühl (Upper Austria). It optimises transmission and guarantees a completely precise cut with its clearance - and all of this at extremely fast cutting times: the KSA 2200 DPD only needs four minutes to saw through a steel billet with a 800 mm diameter (material 42CrMo). "This shows that a new era really has begun. DPD is without a doubt one of the most important industry innovations of the past decades", emphasises Knoll.

LINCUT exceeds the expectations on efficiency
DPD is just as much a LINSINGER patent as the LINCUT disc miller, with it the "mega-saw is equipped. Its cutting plates are not soldered, but screwed on. They can be individually and simply replaced at any time as required. The tool can even be reequipped when installed; costly transport to a sharpening centre is unnecessary. A sharpening centre is no longer required.

With LINCUT, LINSINGER has one of the most efficient solutions for machining difficult materials right through to titanium. The system is already running on more than 40 machines worldwide and has long proven itself in three-shift operation. "The competitors are, at best, only at the stage of developing similar processes", is the information which comes out from user groups.

South Korean steel mill purchases four machines
The KSA 2200 DPD is being used for the first time in South Korea. The customer (a ring-rolling mill) has ordered four machines from LINSINGER; the first two have already been delivered and are currently being set up on-site. Another five machines will be ordered soon and this is no coincidence: The South Korean industry is technologically advanced and therefore attaches importance to the best technology. The name LINSINGER has stood for technology and innovation for decades. The KSA 2200 DPD is another convincing example of this. LINSINGER is already working intensively on further developments.