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Flame cutting system BSA 1P CNC for Star Wire

framag Industrieanlagenbau impresses with economic system in version suitable for foundries

Star Wire Limited India invests in framag flame cutting technology

India is gaining ground: Star Wire Limited is the latest Indian company to opt for modernisation or extension of their production lines with Austrian high-performance technology. framag Industrieanlagenbau has delivered a flame cutting system for severing risers from large steel castings to India and also provided the engineering for the substructure.

As one of the most renowned manufacturers of large cold circular saws and flame cutting machines, framag Industrieanlagenbau ranks among the international elite in the industry. The Austrian company repeatedly proves its competence with innovative products and services. framag is renowned for its extensive expertise, especially in the steel, forging and foundry industry.

India on the rise
Companies in India are increasingly turning to the advanced flame cutting technology from framag. The Austrian high-tech company has been producing machines with highly efficient cutting results and low operating costs for more than 30 years. This is why Star Wire Limited from India recently ordered a flame cutting system. Star Wire Limited is one of the leading steel casters in India and specialises in the production of large castings weighing up to 60 tonnes each.

Flame cutting system for severing risers
For Star Wire, framag delivered a type BSA 1P CNC flame cutting system for severing risers from castings to India. The flame cutting machine is optimally designed for castings weighing 5 to 100 tonnes and risers measuring 200 to 1500 millimetres in diameter. The machine is controlled by means of a mobile control unit with teach-in function. Furthermore, framag also supplied the engineering for a substructure.

Hardly any post-processing high savings potential
The arguments in favour of retooling the production lines with high-performance technology from framag are perfectly clear: the high degree of automation saves personnel costs and results in substantially shorter cutting times than manual cutting. The lower gas consumption also has a positive effect on costs. Reproducibility, high precision and better occupational safety are also assured which is not the case when workers work manually.
However, the greatest benefit comes in the quality: thanks to the excellent cut quality and the high accuracy of the cut surface, hardly any post-processing or machining time is required this yields a considerable reduction in costs. A key argument in favour of investing in framag flame cutting systems, as Christian Habring, Industrial Equipment Sales Manager, explains: "If you no longer need half a day, but only two hours for processing, then this carries a lot of weight. Machine tool utilisation costs a lot of money and this can be reduced significantly. Some individual operations, such as grinding and repair welding, are omitted entirely if you cut precisely from the outset not too deep and not too high."

In general, the time factor plays a major role: "Manual cutting tasks take several hours, which sometimes makes it necessary to warm up the parts several times," says Christian Habring. "The machine works quicker and more precisely, thereby saving several hours

for the severing of risers and in machine tool utilisation. And the worker is protected optimally as well." If you add up these factors, this machine pays for itself quite quickly over the years. Consequently, modernisation or extension of production lines with framag high-performance technology is also beneficial in economically weaker times."

Heating once is enough
Thanks to the automated process, the material does not need to be heated repeatedly either, in contrast to manual cutting techniques. If the material cools down and cracks occur, then hours of work are often lost and high additional costs incurred. This risk can be eliminated with a flame cutting system from framag. And this benefit played an important role in Star Wire's decision to invest in this system.

Consumption-optimised nozzle technology
So there are many arguments in favour of the framag flame cutting system. But there are even more benefits, because not only the system itself, but also the tools, such as burners and nozzles, come from a single source. And even though framag supplies the world's only machine of this type, the Upper Austrian manufacturer is not resting on its laurels; it is continuously improving the systems and the quality and performance of the nozzles. Those companies that have already invested in framag machines soon see success thanks to the relatively short payback period: lower personnel costs and lower gas consumption on the one hand and, above all, significantly shorter post-processing times yield real cost savings, thereby contributing to positive business performance. Indian companies are leading the way.