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The (R)evolution in Metal Cutting; by Michael Steinkogler

Aktualisiert am: 20.07.2020 10:58

The (R)evolution in Metal Cutting

By Michael Steinkogler, Head of Sales Sawing and Milling Technology
Linsinger Maschinenbau

Change the game

Inventors around the world have been successfully developing innovations for decades, but only some of these developments have had GAME CHANGING potential. One of these innovations is the saw blade LINCUT, developed by LINSINGER. LINCUT is a patented changing system that paves the way for a fundamental reorientation of the entire saw blade industry worldwide through a simple and economical concept.
LINSINGER has been motivated to further expand the in-house LINCUT saw blade production in order to increase performance and tool life, while at the same time reducing power consumption of the machine. Our manufacturing capacity has to be enhanced almost yearly to meet the growing demand. Today we can look back with satisfaction on a growth of the LINCUT production that has already been lasting more than 10 years.
As a mechanical engineer it is ones duty to the customer to manufacture equipment of the highest possible quality and to fulfil the performance benchmark of the investment. This is why the Composition of machines and tools from a single source is an essential part of achieving a quick ROI and to offer the customer a satisfactory and complete package.

Saw blades of an exceptional kind

LINCUT is a state of the art saw blade system that renders the costly wielding on of normal carbide pieces onto the saw blade body as well as the costly sharpening to make saw blades ready for use unnecessary. Instead, only highly developed carbide plates that can be produced in all shapes and coatings and simply have to be screwed on are used. This technology has already been established in cutting for decades and is now conquering the sawing technology. The carbide plates (formerly saw tooth) can, if required, even be exchanged individually directly at the saw machine by the operator of the machine. For this, Linsinger has developed an entire tool changing system from screwdriver to transport, which makes the exchange easy and uncomplicated. Even the special screws that securely fixate the cutting plates onto the saw blade body are developed by us.
Sharpening is now in the past. The costly transport of a huge number of saw blades to a near sharpening centre or the enormous investment in an in-house sharpening centre can be omitted.

Economic process reliability

What makes LINCUT particularly economical? Circular saws equipped with a standard saw blade are expected to have a necessary 2 percent standstill per year due to required tool changing. LINCUT technology reduces this unnecessary loss of production by more than a half. The ROI can therefore be reached faster which immediately lowers your production costs.
No matter what material, conventional carbon steel or highly alloyed stainless steel, the coating and shape of LINCUT carbide plates is perfected for ideal tool life. The saw blade body receive a perfect saw blade body tension and are designed for up to over 100 uses (re-assembly with carbide plates) because of their high material quality. The saw blade stock is therefore tremendously reduced which in turn drastically lowers procurement-, storage-, and operating costs.

25 percent more cutting power

The performance and tool life are increased by up to 25 percent due to the high stability and specially developed shapes of the LINCUT tools. The LINCUT system is available exclusively for LINSINGER high-performance circular saws. LINSINGER is running their own tool technology centre in Austria specialized in research and development of tools. Furthermore, we constantly expand our R&D departments to continue making progress with new significant innovations.
Our experts will gladly support you and your employees with the conversion of your sawing department to LINCUT and you can trust our many years of expertise in sawing technology.
We look forward to answering your questions if you need further information.